CyrusOne Houston West

Why CyrusOne Shares Tanked, and Why It’s Nothing to Worry About – DCK Investor Edge: As has been its tendency, Wall Street underappreciates the level of investment and the timelines of a long-term global hyperscale play.

Google’s On-Prem Data Center Software for Hybrid Cloud Now in Beta – Configuration management added in latest version of Cloud Services Platform, which differentiates by being able to run on customers’ existing hardware.

Can Bloom Energy Transform the Data Center Industry? – Peter Gross, the startup’s VP of mission critical, says he hasn’t seen anything more disruptive after decades in the business.

Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy Servers deployed at a Macy’s facility

Should There Be ‘Safe Harbor’ Against Data-Breach Lawsuits? – New law on the books in Ohio protects firms that have suffered cyberattacks from being sued if they follow best practices.


An illustration of a visual model of Palo Alto intersections and traffic built by Swim’s platform

Swim Open Sources Its Machine Learning Platform for Edge Computing – Taking the “open core” route, the startup wants the open source community to take its platform in more directions than it’s been able to so far.