Image result for Internet is Trying Snapchat's Baby Filter on Indian Celebrities and the Results are AdorableThe Internet remains undefeated.

After turning the entire web into “cute puppy” face, Snapchat has done it again. The multimedia messaging app has recently rolled out a bunch of filters for you to mess around with (again) and if you’ve been on the Internet lately, you know what we are talking about.

Yes, adults are revisiting their childhood in the most Snapchat way possible by using the app’s new “baby filter” that, well, transforms you from middle-aged man or woman to the cute, adorable, and horrifying (in some cases) baby version of yourself instantly.

While the filter is pretty much self-explanatory and does what it promises to do, some fine desi people on the Internet have taken upon themselves to send our favourite celebrities back in time.

Don’t get the drift? Here you go:

What good a filter if Indian cricketers don’t make an appearance in it?

Zayn Malik, anyone?

Food couldn’t escape too!

Our cute baby Avengers aren’t ready to fight yet.


Here are some more results you may or may not want to see.