Asia-Pacific telecommunications provider Citic Telecom added VMware’s Velocloud-based SD-WAN technology to its hybrid networking platform.

This platform, TrueConnect Hybrid, provides customers with a full-stack of networking and internet services and resources including SD-WAN. According to a Citic spokesperson, the platform can plan the most efficient route for cloud applications, and it routes around network congestion areas by switching between connectivity providers and facilitates cloud-network integration.

The platform can leverage multiple WANs, private networks, and internet links to integrate active-active hybrid WANs with resilience as well as support for the provider’s private network services and network sites.

Adding VMware’s Velocloud SD-WAN to the platform will strengthen its SD-WAN and facilitate cloud-network integration, said , Rowena Leung, marketing director at Citic. “Apart from VMware, we have other SD-WAN technology partners that have different focus and uniqueness to make our TrueConnect Hybrid solution a complete and strong one.” VMware’s strength is its advanced technology and “focus,” she added.

The company says its SD-WAN topologies enable the provider to provide automation, zero-touch deployment, high application performance, and optimized cloud access on the available transport options.

VMware and Citic have been partners since 2011, first partnering on the service provider’s SmartCloud platform.